Should you drive the Cabot Trail clockwise or counterclockwise?

Should you drive the Cabot Trail clockwise or counterclockwise?


And other highly contentious debating points about the world-famous Cabot Trail


We are not kidding when we say, many debates have occurred around kitchen tables in Cape Breton about the best direction to drive the Cabot Trail. And while many passionate arguments have been raised, the debate rages on, and the time has come to resolve this once and for all!

The best way to drive the Cabot Trail is....


There, we called it. The simple reason is nature and the movement of the sun!

1 - The eastern side of the island has amazing sunrises! So, you'll want to start your day with a coffee in hand and water views to take in the rising sun. The serenity of a sunrise in Cape Breton is inexplicable.

Even when busy, Cape Breton feels remote and off the beaten path. But if you wake up with her at sunrise, there is a sense of quiet and peace that this blog simply cannot describe. So, you must experience it for yourself.

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 2 - The western side of the island has amazing sunsets! Driving along the coast from Pleasant Bay to Cheticamp in the late afternoon and early evening is a tonic for the heart and eyes!

L'Abri - Cheticamp, NS


How long does it take to drive the Cabot Trail?

This is also a contentious debate. Technically speaking, you can drive the Cabot Trail in 1 day. Technically.

But don't do it!

Otherwise, you will spend the whole day, driving by stores, restaurants, artists, hikes, golf courses, ocean tours, and views you wish you could stop at, but can't, because silly you planned a day for the drive. Especially when there are so many amazing places to stay!

At the very least, take a few days. In the immortal words of Rita MacNeil -

"She grows on you slowly, the first time you meet, there's just so much beauty, the heart can't believe."  

Rita is right. She (Cape Breton) will capture your soul, she will capture your imagination, so give yourself time to see her, and for goodness sake, drive the trail counterclockwise!


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