Music On The Marina with Jon Hines

Music On The Marina with Jon Hines

Jon, thank you so much for joining us this weekend! Have you always had an interest in guitar?

I’ve always had an interest, trying to pick and play chords at 6 or 7. I remember watching Jimi Hendrix at about that age, and his star-spangled banner rendition. But it wasn’t until about 16 that I started playing seriously, on a regular daily basis and properly learning.

Was it always the guitar, or did you start out with other instruments?

From day one I’ve always been drawn to the guitar, of course I’ve tried and learned a few things on other instruments as well. But I’ve never stayed away from guitar. There is just so much to learn, and I’m still learning.

Life-long learning makes sense for music! Speaking of, how would you describe your style?

The best way I can describe my music is blues and jazz with a touch of folk.

We can’t wait to listen this Saturday, Jon. Is that the kind of music you listen to during your own, free time?

I mostly find myself listening to old jazz music these days, but alternate between jazz, some folk, and blues. Billie Holiday is almost a daily listen. She is probably my favourite.
Muddy Waters, and Colter Wall are two others that are in regular rotation.

We heard you had some ties here. Care to share?

Cape Smokey is like going home for me. My family used to live in Ingonish, and my grandfather used to work at Cape Smokey.

That’s awesome! We love that you’re playing at your roots! We’ll hope that things go smoothly, and you have as great of an experience playing as we’ll have listening. Have you ever had any mishaps, funny stories, or wonky performances?

Nothing really stands out in the moment. But there is almost always something that goes wrong during a live performance, sometimes very funny. Technical issues, or what have you. Just have to take it as it happens and go with the flow.

That’s a great mindset. We would imagine that things can go wrong depending on the season as well. Do you have a favourite season to play in?

I like both summer and winter for different reasons. Winter gigs can feel cozier, but the driving is hit or miss. Summer gigs have a sort of relaxed, sunshine vibe but can be very hot for outdoor spots.

We’ll keep you covered in our big tent. With the shade and the cool, ocean breeze, it’ll be great playing conditions. Where would you find yourself when not playing music?

I would say the woods is my home away from home. Running or biking the trails, hiking with my dogs.

What’s a little-known fact about Jon Hines?

I’m fascinated by space, the study of the universe. The new information that is coming out of the moons within our solar system, and the trajectory of the voyager 1 and 2 probes that were launched in the 70’s.

That’s a great one! Very different than music, but they say music and math go hand-in-hand! Finally, WHAT is your Cape Breton food MUST?

I’m probably going to say garlic fingers, or perhaps some of the east coast Bakeries.

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