Music On The Marina with Darrell Keigan

Music On The Marina with Darrell Keigan

We can’t wait to host you at the Ingonish Marina this Saturday, Darrell!

Can you tell us a little about your musical upbringing?

Our house was filled with music from a young age. My mother and father both sang, and dad played the guitar.

Have you always gravitated towards the guitar or have there been other instruments in your musical past?

My primary instrument is the guitar but I also dabble with the button accordion, bodhran and a little bit of tin whistle.

That’s incredible, Darrell. How would you describe your style of music?

The music I play is modern, traditional. This includes Irish, Scottish, and Cape Breton with some folk music thrown in for good measure.

What kind of music do you listen to in your free time? Can you name 3 bands/artists that are always on your playlist?

I listen to mostly Celtic Music and some of my favorite artists include

Christy Moore
Makem & Clancey
Andy Irvine.

Great Choices, Darrell. We’ll have to look those up and give a listen! If you had to choose your most memorable performance, where was it and what made it so memorable?

I remember playing for a Canada Day Celebration in front of a crowd of 500+ people. At that point it was the largest crowd I had ever played for so that was pretty exciting.

Do you have any funny stories of things going wrong or happy coincidence during/at a performance?

I do but not sure that it can’t be shared here… (Big Laugh)

Oh, No! haha! Looks like we’ll just have to bug you for those stories this weekend in person!
Let’s go with a random question: Do you prefer the weather in the winter or summertime and why?

I prefer the summertime because there is more stuff happening locally, like outdoor concerts, festivals, etc. 

You travel for your music quite often, Darrell. Where is your home away from home? 

I’m a home body. I love being home in Cape Breton and close to my family.

As a singer, how do you keep your voice strong and healthy? Any tips for younger artists out there?

Like any instrument a singer has to look after his voice. Practicing scales and probably most importantly learning how to breathe are essential to maintaining a strong voice.

Great advice! What is your least favorite household chore to do?


And finally, we have to know: What is your personal favorite East Coast food?

I absolutely love all seafood especially Lobster!

Thank you so much for letting us grill you, Darrell. We look forward to hearing you play this Saturday, July 31st, 2021 5PM-7PM.

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