Music with Brandon Collier

 Music with Brandon Collier

Hey, Brandon! Thank you so much for joining us this weekend at the ski hill! For those that aren’t sure if they want to join us, how would you describe your sound?

I personally try to have my own sound. I take a cover tune and really put a twist to it. I’m a country singer but I enjoy stepping outside the box for the most part. Having your own sound compared to making a cover tune sound similar to the album is just what makes it more interesting. So really, I just enjoy being the odd ball out with my own sound and tone.

Great music with a twist! Sounds great.  Who are your biggest musical influences?

Garth brooks – He just gives off the energy that makes me want to do exactly what he’s doing. 

George strait – He’s the king off country. Well written, Well put together.  He’s the real deal of cowboys and country. Every song I’ve listened to him over the last number of years, it has hit me differently – between painting the picture of what’s happening or hitting me emotionally about the story taking place. 

Thanks for the explanation! We guess that sort of answers our next question – Who are some artists that you are listening to right now?

Currently still stuck on 80’s and 90’s, early 2000’s country.

We definitely have clear of what to expect from you musically on Saturday. Let’s jump into some fun, personal questions! Are you a morning person or do you like to sleep in?

Definitely a morning person. As the saying goes: the early bird gets the worm, right!?

True, but somewhat unusual for a musician, since you are often playing late into the night! When you aren’t working or sleeping, what is the activity that we will find you doing?

If I’m not working or sleeping, I’m definitely gone fishin’ or I’m in the woods huntin’. Spending time with my buddies or you could find me at the barn ridin’ horses and just having a good time.

You’re a country boy through and through! What is your favorite activity when you travel to Ingonish?

Winter and Summer are different. Summer, beach days for sure! Winter it is all about snowmobiling.

What is your favorite East Coast Food?

Anything seafood, hands down.

We have it pretty great here on the seafood front! So if you had to pick one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Chicken wings due to the simple fact they go great with a cold beverage.

Brandon Collier, you seem like the kind of guy everyone wants to have a cold beverage with! Thank you so much for joining us this weekend, and we hope to have you back again soon! Maybe we can get that chicken recipe out of you.


Join us at the base of the ski hill for live music with Brandon Collier.
Saturday, September 11th, 2021
$5 at the door, kids are free.

And don’t forget to grab our fish and chips from the food truck in honor of Brandon’s fabourite east coast food!

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