Friday night live: Viktor Dugandzic

Friday night live: Viktor Dugandzic

We are thrilled to share Viktor Dugandzic with you, Ingonish! This will be his first time playing in Ingonish, so we thought we would get to know him a little more for you. Check out our Q&A with him, and come see him this Friday, July 8th, 5-8pm.

When did you first begin your musical journey, Viktor?

I’ve been playing guitar since 2006. I started learning blues songs and took lessons. I’ve developed lots of musical tastes over the years, which has influenced my sound and is reflected in my eclectic setlists.

Have you always gravitated towards the guitar or have there been other instruments in your musical past?

I first developed musically on the guitar, and over the years have branched into bass, keyboards, and percussion. I incorporate all these textures into live looping, and build songs on the spot.

That’s incredible! How would you describe your style of music?

I would describe my sound as R&B. I take songs from classic rock, southern rock, pop, and hip-hop, and drench them in a new flavour. Songs everyone has heard, in a way they have never heard it.

We haven’t had an artist like you before, and are so excited to hear your sound! Tell us your 3 artists/bands we must check out.

I enjoy most genres of music, but can’t recommend enough: Steely Dan, Vulfpeck, and L’impératrice.

Is there anything unusual/unique about playing at Cape Smokey?

First time playing in Ingonish. I love Ingonish, and visit it every summer; so this will be a fun change!

We can’t wait to host you, Viktor! Obviously, you’re playing for us in summer, but do you prefer to play during the summer time or winter gigs?

I love playing outside. However; anywhere there are people who want to listen to and appreciate good music.

We hope you enjoy our outdoor, marina setting. The view of the ocean while playing is fantastic, and our food truck is right there to enjoy. What is your personal favorite East Coast food?

If you come to the East Coast, you have to go with seafood. Lobster, fish & chips, clams, etc.

Good Call, Viktor! Before we wrap up, is there anything else you want our patrons to know about you?

I have almost two decades of experience in the Nova Scotia music scene. ECMA showcasing artist with Back Pocket Material. Stream my singles, “Starting Over,” and “Long Way ‘Round,” anywhere you consume music.


For those that don’t know, the ECMA is the East Coast Music Association, and has been hosting annual awards ceremonies based in Atlantic Canada since 1989!

We’ll certainly check out Viktor Dugandzic’s music online, and can’t wait to hear him this Friday, July 8th, from 5PM-8PM.

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